Accepted Papers

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Accepted Papers for Oral Presentation
Author(s) Title
Qurat Ul Ain Akram A Comprehensive Image Dataset of Urdu Nastalique Document Images
Sahar Rauf, Saadia Ambreen, Sarmad Hussain and Benazir Mumtaz Acoustic Investigation of /l, j, v/ as Approximants in Urdu
Tariq Naeem and Mohammad Abid Khan Automatic Derivation of Nouns from Adjectives in Pashto
Samia Khaliq, Waheed Iqbal, Faisal Bukhari and Kamran Malik Clustering Urdu News Using Headlines
Mutee U Rahman and Hameedullah Kazi Development of Sindhi Lexical Functional Grammar
Rashida Bhatti and Benazir Mumtaz Identification of Diphthongs in Urdu and their Acoustic Properties
Nadia Fareed Morphology of Mewati Language
Wahab Khan, Ali Daud and Jamal Abdul Nasir Named Entity Dataset for Urdu NER Task
Abdul Jabbar and Sajid Iqbal Resources for Urdu Text Stemming
Kh. Shahzada Shahid, Tania Habib, Benazir, Mumtaz, Farah Adeeba and Ehsan Ul Haq Subjective Testing of Urdu Text-to-Speech (TTS) System
Mahwish Farooq and Benazir Mumtaz Urdu Phonological Rules in Connected Speech
Farah Adeeba Urdu Text Genre Identification

Accepted Papers for Poster Presentation
Author(s) Title
Aneeta Niazi and Saba Urooj A Management and Evaluation Framework for English to Urdu Translation
Saima Khosa and Muhammad Rizwan Database Schema Independent Architecture for NL to SQL Query Conversion
Palwasha Jogezai Handicrafted Semantic Hierarchy to Develop Urdu WordNet
Faiza Hashim and Muhammad Abid Khan Sentence Level Sentiment Analysis Using Urdu Nouns

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