Enabling Information Access through Mobile Based Dialog Systems and Screen Readers for Urdu

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  • CLE Urdu Text to Speech Synthesis System (TTS)
  • CLE Urdu TTS is a software that converts Urdu text to a natural sounding speech. It is designed to help the visually impaired readers and people with other reading disabilities.

  • Urdu Spoken Dialog System for Weather Domain
  • Weather information system provides a speech interface to access weather information of 139 districts of Pakistan through mobile or landline. When a user calls, the system greets the user and then asks for a city name for which the caller wants to know the weather information. The system recognizes the user’s response and plays the weather report to the caller. The weather information for the system is taken from PMD and the system is currently deployed at PMD on PTCL number 051-9250363 and UAN 051-111-638-638.

  • Urdu Spoken Dialog System for Location Domain
  • Bus Reservation System is a more advanced spoken dialog system which engages the caller in a question-answer conversation to acquire the desired traveling details that include destination city, departure day, departure time and number of seats. The system uses multiple Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems. After acquiring information from the caller, the system performs a query on the bus schedule database. If there is a bus available, it makes the reservation and informs the user. In case the bus is not available according to the user’s requirements, the system returns two alternative buses and caller is asked to choose one. Then reservation is made in the caller’s chosen bus and the caller is informed about the reservation. Afterwards, a goodbye message is played and the call is terminated. Bus Reservation system is deployed at CLE on PTCL number 042-36821317.

  • Urdu Screen Reader
  • CLE Urdu Screen Reader is specifically designed for visually impaired community that provides support for reading Urdu text on computers. The software can also facilitate this community in educational and professional opportunities. CLE Urdu Screen Reader 1.0.0 provides comprehensive features to facilitate an accessible experience. This software has been developed by integrating CLE Urdu Matan Go 1.0.0 with Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) 2015.3.

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