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-Urdu Text-To-Speech Service (V1.1) - Updated on September 2020
-Urdu Speech-To-Text Service (V1.0) - Updated on July 2020
-Roman to Urdu Script Service
-Camera Captured Address Recognition and Structuring Service
-Urdu Nastalique OCR for Low-Resolution Images Service
-Speech-To-Speech Translation Service
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6 November 2020: CLE Team presented the research paper titled "Enhancing Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition System for Urdu-English Conversational Code-Switched Speech" at Oriental COCOSDA 2020 conference held on November 5th, 2020.
29 October 2020: Representatives from Hamza Foundation Academy visited CLE. Hamza Foundation Academy for the Deaf is a project of Hamza Foundation which is a registered Welfare Trust Organization. During the meeting, potential for collaboration was discussed regarding the development of standardized Urdu testing for hearing-impaired community in Pakistan.
18 September 2020: Urdu Text to Speech (TTS) V1.1 has been launched. It enables the computer to read out Urdu content in human-sounding voice available in digital forms such as emails, websites and documents. In this version, prosody model has been implemented to improve naturalness of the voice.
7 September 2020: Al-Burz (Brahui language journal), Journal of Managerial Sciences (journal published in English language) and Noor-e-Maarfat (multilingual journal) are now available in Tehqeeqat: A Research Indexing System. Tehqeeqat is hosting research journals in a wide array of Pakistani languages. Indexed Journals List.

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