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CLE NLP Webservices are now available for FREE
-Urdu Segmentation - Updated on December 2021
-Urdu Stemmer - Updated on November 2021
-Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis - Updated on October 2021
-Urdu Text-To-Speech Service (V1.1)  
-Urdu Speech-To-Text Service (V1.0)  
-Roman to Urdu Script Service
-Camera Captured Address Recognition and Structuring Service
-Urdu Nastalique OCR for Low-Resolution Images Service
-Speech-To-Speech Translation Service
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28 November 2022: A contract has been signed between Center for Language Engineering (CLE) and Forum for Language Initiatives (FLI) to enhance the Nafees Nastaleeq Font by adding 43 additional characters. These new characters are selected from different languages spoken in Northern Pakistan.
17 October 2022: A project titled “Automatic Meeting Minutes and Analytics Generation for Urdu” has been awarded to Dr. Farah Adeeba by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). This project will be conducted in partnership with Virtual Force (Pvt.) Ltd.
1 February 2022: CLE has signed a letter of exchange with Lahore College for Women University. The purpose of this collaboration is to offer them free access to use Parakh for checking Urdu plagiarism and authenticity of their research work
24 January 2022: CLE has released Urdu Stemmer Service. This service removes affixes from the text to extract its stemmed form.

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